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Girnar - Premixed - Kashmiri Khawha - 90G - Box of 5

Girnar - Premixed - Kashmiri Khawha - 90G - Box of 5

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A piece of heaven cannot be taken home; but what if its elixir travels with you everywhere you roam? Native of the place known as Heaven on Earth, Kashmiri Kahwa is an exotic elixir that transports you to the land of exquisite beauty. Green Tea, spiced with the richness of Saffron, Cardamom and Almonds. This brews to form a mildly sweet, aromatic Kahwa which is rich taste. You can now re-create the Kashmir magic at the drop of a hat. Add hot water and relish, regardless of where you’re at! 4 am or 4 pm, In the valley or amidst the clouds, Sailing or Flying, Homely cuddles or solo travel: Girnar’s Kashmiri Kahwa can be made just by adding hot water to the premix!
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