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Maniarrs - Slim Bites - Wheat Chips

Maniarrs - Slim Bites - Wheat Chips

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There is a saying that says ‘great things come in small packages’ and the slim bites family pack that has mini khakhra is perhaps the best example of that. As we all know, Khakhra is the most loved Gujarati snack among many, so we at Maniarr thought of bringing a whole new version of this Gujarat Nasto while keeping its authenticity intact.

There came an idea of bringing this brilliant and tasty tea time snack in a different shape. So here is a mini khakhra in oblong shape for our customers that will provide them the same taste and flair that they get from the traditional khakhra. Also, we have a plethora of the oblong shaped khakhra so as to satisfy every mood and cravings of our customers. Whether you are looking for Panipuri, Pizza, Pav Bhaji, Garlic bread, Chocolate, etc. with the slim bites at Maniarr, we have got everything covered for you. 

With the Slim bites, our focus was to render the taste of Khakhra with different flavours so that we can reach a large section of the audience and expand our user base as well. Moreover, as Khakhra is being used as a travel snack a lot, a smaller version of it would be easier to carry for the customers.

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